Little Chocolate Miracles Come From San Jose

Tamara Palmer
Baba Joon's Apricot Chocolate Chewies.
The Cook E. Monster has a weakness for provocative packaging, and so the tagline "little chocolate miracles" on the label of Baba Joon's Chocolate Chewies was just about enough to make a purchase. The name itself, Farsi for "dear Dad," pretty much clinched it: How are you going to sell a less-than-awesome cookie named after your father?

The answer is that you don't; these are worth finding. Baba Joon's comes in 10 bite-sized varieties, including Mexicali, walnut, and ginger almond. We gravitated toward the apricot, which are dense with the dried fruit and enough cocoa to satiate a chocolate craving. As promised, they are chewy, but you can also let them melt in your mouth.

If you have celiac disease or gluten-intolerance, you'll probably especially appreciate the texture of these cookies. There's no hint of dryness, even after the package has been opened for a few days.

Baba Joon's has been in business since 1984, and recently relocated from Eugene, OR to San Jose. Several of the flavors are available at Rainbow Grocery.

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