Now You Can Get Your Soup Junkie On Every Day

Camila McHugh

Okay, so maybe you don't want to slurp soup everyday of the week. But you should definitely be stoked that Soup Junkie (@soupjunkiesf on Twitter) has moved into a new home smack in the middle of the Financial District. Lunch break power walks to the Ferry Building begone because Hung Lam's passion for noodle soups has brought a serious lunch-break upgrade to 388 Market Street. We're glad our craving for Bun Rieu need not be limited to sporadic pop up hours and can now be satisfied everyday between 11:30 and 2:30.

Already doubling the amount of soup he made on the first day, Lam has been shocked by how busy the first week has been. He describes the fast pace "like a roller coaster going straight down, or like going straight up hill." The metaphor may have been inspired by the three hours of sleep he has gotten every night this week, but it is one way to describe the steady line of enthusiastic customers who have snatched up every last soup and sandwich Soup Junkie has been able to make.

The pho has been the first thing to sell out everyday, "probably because it is what people are most familiar with," Lam surmises. "A tomato and crab soup seems weird to people, but once they try it, they just love it." He has applied for outdoor seating for this to-go window set up and is also looking to start adding a weekly special to accompany his staples. It isn't all soups of course, as this Vietnamese cafe also serves Vietnamese Crepes, Shrimp and Pork Spring Rolls, a Five-Spice Chicken Sandwich, and a Pulled-Pork Sandwich.

He is also serving pastries and coffee for breakfast, using his space to showcase some other pop ups and to serve up what he would want to eat for breakfast. So far Black Jet Baking Company and Dynamo Donuts have been providing the sweet treats that accompany the coffee that Bicycle Coffee delivers on two wheels. Lam was particularly excited about this partnership with Bicycle Coffee because of how committed this brewery is to giving back to the earth. He took a break from brewing soup to brew some coffee and fell in love with how sustainable this Oakland-based company that doesn't make anything they can't deliver on bike really is. 

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