Fifth Floor and Almanac Beer Co. Team Up for a Seasonal Dinner

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Jason Henry
The folks at Fifth Floor Restaurant have a couple busy weeks ahead of them. Chef David Bazirgan's kitchen is churning out a five-course foie gras tasting menu until the foie ban (or, "Great Depression 2.0") goes into effect. Bartender Brian Means' Wild Goose Chase'cocktail, with a rim coated in foie gras powder and a foie-stuffed prune garnish, should help ease your own liver if you're one of the people who mourns the impending loss of goose liver.

In addition to the foie feast, Fifth Floor is teaming up with beer and food ambassadors Almanac Beer Co. for one night of beer-fueled revelry. Diners will enjoy five courses (full menu below) paired with each of Almanac's bottled releases and a beer cocktail. The 'Farmer's Almanac' cocktail features Buffalo Trace bourbon, eucalyptus syrup, lemon, and Almanac's Winter Wit brewed with oranges and ginger. The beer comprises the largest quantity of liquid in the drink, offering a bright, citrusy flavor and aroma against a backdrop of oak, vanilla, and a pleasant herbal quality from the eucalyptus.

Before you ask - yes, the Almanac dinner has a foie gras course as well. So, this is for people who want to kill two birds with one meal:

Almanac Dinner at Fifth Floor Restaurant
Where: Fifth Floor, inside Hotel Palomar, 12 Fourth St. (at Market), (415) 348-1555
When: Wednesday June 27th
Cost: $120, reservations here
What: Five beer-paired courses:

Foie terrine, blackberries, cassis, cubeb pepper gastrique, pistachio bread
Vintage Barrel Aged Golden with Blackberries

Market Harvest, buttermilk dressing, Zaatar, compressed plums
Farmhouse Pale with Plums

Spot Prawn dumplings, lemongrass broth, kaffir lime, rice crackers
Winter Wit with Oranges and Ginger

Suckling Pig Confit, Bronze fennel, Maple, peas, urfa chili
Biere de Mars with Fennel

Strawberry passion fruit chiboust, grains of paradise cake, black garlic paper, black garlic compressed strawberries, eucalyptus ice cream
Farmer's Almanac cocktail

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