Energy Bars, Now With Insects

Insect energy bars are here.
Salt Lake City inventor Pat Crowley and San Francisco resident Dan O'Neill have co-founded Chapul, the country's first company to tout energy bars made from insects high in protein, iron, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Specifically, Chapul makes what it calls "the original cricket bar." Cricket flour is the not-so-secret ingredient in the two bars in the product line: Chaco (dates, peanuts, dark chocolate) and Thai (coconut, ginger, lime). A Kickstarter campaign is running through July 3 has already exceeded its goal of raising $10,000. There's a week left to contribute and be one of the first to sample the product. A $20 donation receives a half-dozen bars as a thank you.

Next up: The crickety Kickstarter video.

Crowley explains the key ingredient in the video: "A flour made from ground-up crickets." It might make for a rough start to scare people, but his ensuing plan on how he wants to contribute to national water conservation via this "efficient protein" is intriguing.

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