Enchihuahuas, Cute-Ass Shortbread, and Creepy but Silent Fish!

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  • Hello, friends! There are some cool events this weekend! This Sunday, Harvest Home is having a barn bash! The barn bash is in celebration of their new barn, home to the newly rescued Turlock hens. As a city kid, I'm not sure what a barn bash entails, but if there are fiddles involved, consider me there.

  • Also from Harvest Home comes the story of Lavern, a hen that was attacked by a raccoon in her backyard coop in the Bay Area. She didn't receive veterinary care until she got to the sanctuary. Poor Lavern.
  • Back to events! Tomorrow, 7x7 and the SF SPCA are holding a chihuahua celebration--the Whole Enchihuahua! If you didn't know, the local shelters are FULL of chihuahuas. Everybody sees Beverly Hills Chihuahua and just has to get one, then bam! They realize they actually have to do stuff to keep it alive. Then it's off to the shelter! Well now is your chance to meet some of these funny little guys in Dolores Park.

  • Here's a kind of scary commercial from PETA. No animal bloodshed, it's just super intense. What do you think? The last part reminds me of the goldfish Claus in my office. I'm always like, "Claus! What are you trying to say to me?" I'll never know.

  • India has declared open season on tiger poachers! That's just super intense. I'm not for killing people. I also am not for killing any of the few thousand tigers left on the planet. I believe we are at an impasse.
  • In yummy-awesome news, vegan tea bag shortbread cookies! I love you, cute little cookies! I will eat your face.

  • For my final trick: worms are eating pork-lovers' brains!!!!
  • Or something gross like that.

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Abby Bean
Abby Bean

Impasse indeed.  Fair game, I say; fair game.

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