AQ Restaurant Celebrates Summer With New Menu and Décor

Tamara Palmer
AQ's summer look includes new foliage and lighting.
AQ Restaurant, which changes its menu and some of its interior design elements each season, debuted its new summer look and menu last night (June 19).

Tamara Palmer
Watermelon, cactus, lovage, buttermilk, and basils.
The bar's bright spring fabrics have been swapped for a distinctly beachy feel, with a new corklike bartop that sports glass portals that display sand, shells, and trashy romance novels. The static brick is a natural pairing for whatever seasonal changes in lights and foliage happen; right now, there are new domed and oblong lamps and giant branches to evoke an al fresco dinner party.

Chef/owner Mark Liberman tucks delicious adventure in unexpected places on his new summer menu, whether with the innocent inclusion of a lamb heart in a starter of summer squash and zucchini or via an entirely vegan "sausage"of chard, rice, and golden beets. A filet of eel hides under a Manila-clam topped mille feuille of potato, while cactus masquerades in a delicate dish of watermelon and buttermilk "smell."

The restaurant features stunning visuals that extend right down to the plate, but be forewarned: Even the main courses are all pretty delicate up in here, so don't come ravenous.

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