1058 Hoagies: What's a Nice Jewish Boy Like Adam Mesnick Doing Making Italian Hoagies?

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Alex Hochman
The #1 awaits its dressing.
Adam Mesnick is quick to distinguish the offerings at his new venture, 1058 Hoagies, from his SOMA sandwich mecca, Deli Board. "Deli Board is my baby. Everything is perfect down to the wrapper. With hoagies, I can be a little sloppier. If a customer orders a hoagie and picks it up four hours later, I'm okay with that. At Deli Board, that would freak me out! " he told us.

 In April, Mesnick started serving his foot-long cold sandwiches just a few evenings each week from a makeshift alley window behind his restaurant. Now, he's on the verge of signing a lease for a permanent space at an undisclosed address just a few blocks away.

1058's hoagies, stuffed with the likes of capicola and genoa salami, summon memories of mom-and-pop Italian delis found on the last remaining un-gentrified blocks of neighborhoods like Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Mesnick attributes their authenticity to the details. "Our bread is soft and doesn't cut your mouth. The lettuce is shredded and the onions are seasoned, which no one does around here."

Also different than Deli Board are the names of the sandwiches in that there are none. Numbers suffice. SFoodie is already a habitual devourer of the #58, layers of thinly sliced pepperoni and mortadella peaked with a hunk of milky, fresh mozzarella and a generous helping of "dynamite" olive salad, featuring meaty Castelvetrano olives usually reserved for fine dining establishments.

What's next for Mesnick? "Well, I'm completely obsessed with the hoagies right now but I'm thinking maybe a Chicago hot dog stand?"

1058 Hoagies, 1058 Folsom (at Sixth St.), 552-8984
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Growing up in Northern NJ, I have to disagree with one thing: If the bread is not crusty enough on the outside to potentially cut your mouth up, it is not an Italian sub.

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