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Sunrise Deli
The Sunrise Deli food truck hit the road yesterday, serving up what has often been lauded as the best falafel in the Bay Area to eager diners on the San Francisco State University campus. Serving Middle Eastern food to San Franciscans since 1984, Sunrise Deli has expanded from its four brick-and-mortar locations with its brand new food truck.

Khaled Ramadan, who runs Sunrise with his parents, said he observed the tension between fixed location and mobile food purveyors during San Francisco's food truck boom last summer, but realized that a fusion of the two would allow him to "fill the void" of a strong Middle Eastern presence in the San Francisco food scene. Ramadan says his falafel is distinguished by its freshness -- not only is it fried to serve, but is also made with local and high-quality ingredients. 
Sunrise Deli
Where many Mediterranean restaurants might make a weekly batch of falafel, each Sunrise Deli location makes four or five batches of freshly ground garbanzos a day.

The truck will be serving up falafels by the piece, by the dozen ($7), and in a variety of sandwiches ($6-$8) and plate ($9-$12) combinations. Deciding that a food truck would be a good venue for the falafel, shawerma, and Mediterranean salads that had customers returning to his locations in Berkeley, the Sunset District and downtown San  Francisco, Ramadan has been gearing up "at full speed" to have this food truck up and running before the summer.

After navigating the logistics of refurbishing the truck and negotiating permits, Ramadan had "no idea what to expect" when he pulled up to SFSU, just a few miles from the Irving Street location. The Sunrise Deli food truck was inaugurated with a long line of students and faculty, among them many familiar faces. The truck had to head back to its nearby location to reload before calling it a day. Follow the truck @SunriseDeli to find out where it is making its next stop.

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Sunrise Deli

2215 Irving, San Francisco, CA

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SFSU Campus

1600 Holloway, San Francisco, CA

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Alan Scherstuhl
Alan Scherstuhl

And might I direct you both to the #4 dish in our SFoodie 50? 

But we totally screwed up the "few blocks away" thing. Sorry!


 i stand corrected! they are, in fact, often lauded by non-relations! i've only tried them twice, and both times was very underwhelmed.


often been lauded as the best falafel in the bay area? by who? the owner's mom? it's mediocre at best. how about liba? holy land in the east bay and old jerusalem are okay. sunrise is totally meh!


The Daily Cal voted Sunrise Deli best falafel last five years.

SF Weekly voted Sunrise Deli best falafel in 2008.

And I personally can't get enough of them.

Melissa Chung
Melissa Chung

wouldnt say that sfsu is a "few blocks away" from irving.... They are at opposite ends of the Sunset.

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