San Francisco's Top 5 Bars Serving Mason Jar Cocktails

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Remember when all cocktails came in dainty, little, precious pieces of glassware? Well, those days are on the way out, thanks to a new trend creeping into every corner of the city right now -- the mason jar cocktail. With more bang for your buck (almost all cocktails on this list cost $9 and were delightfully strong) and the distinct joy of the novelty factor, we sought out the best places in San Francisco to get your drink on, prohibition style. Here are our favorites.

5. Minx
827 Sutter (at Jones)


Remember what the Beauty Bar used to be like ten years ago? Before it turned into a douche magnet? When it was a quirky, glittery little retro place full of artsy regulars and punk rock types? Well, that's what Minx is like now. And because it's only a year old and not located in the Mission, it's not yet overrun with hipsters. Their sweet tea cocktails and Moscow Mules are served in mason jars, but we're pretty sure they'd give you anything in one if you asked nicely enough. 

4. Bloodhound
1145 Folsom St (at 7th St)


This place serves mostly beer in their jars, but they also do a delightful bourbon, ginger, elderflower and lime concoction in a jar, known as the Recoil. The bourbon provides a subtle smoky flavor under the refreshing elderflower overtones and the gorgeous old west bar interior (antlers everywhere!) only served to enhance the experience. The only turn off was the service -- our lady bartender was so rude, we moved to a table to get away from her.

3. Southpaw 
2170 Mission St (at 17th St)
If you're looking for a mason jar cocktail with a lot of character, we highly recommend hitting up this Southern cuisine joint. Mishi's Regret is a tequila-based drink with a hint of habanero that provides a kick of spice to the back of the throat with every sip. Our favorite though is the Safeword, which contains bourbon, lemon, bitters and the special ingredient: smoked ginger. If you're the type of person that wants to barbeque everything in your vicinity, this drink is for you. As the bartender proudly told us: "It's like a whisky sour -- but grilled."

2. Churchill
198 Church St. (at Market)

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This place is one of our favorite new bars in the city because they take their cocktails very seriously. Their mason jar drinks are the Home Front, which is essentially an alcoholic version of lemonade, and the El Diablo: a refreshing and fruity tequila-based ginger beer concoction -- both of which are dangerously easy to drink. We would, however, recommend finding friendly bartender Mica and requesting his off-menu Old Kentucky Home. It's bourbon-based and the first time you have one, you'll feel like an eight-year-old with a massive piece of birthday cake: entirely stoked.

1. The Tipsy Pig
2231 Chestnut (at Pierce)

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In our hunt for mason jar cocktails, the last place we thought to look was The Marina. But oh Lord, we're so glad we did. The Tipsy Pig not only has the greatest selection (eight to choose from!), it also uses the finest ingredients -- fresh strawberries sit atop their signature drink, the sweet Strawberry Fields, and a generous dose of fresh basil brings the Spring Fling to life. Not to mention the attention to detail in this place - each mason jar is custom made and features the bar's pig logo on the side, as well as the word "Oink!" on the base (nice touch). The service is incredibly attentive, the drinks are out of this world and The Tipsy Pig is a must-visit.

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827 Sutter, San Francisco, CA

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1145 Folsom, San Francisco, CA

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198 Church, San Francisco, CA

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The Tipsy Pig

2231 Chestnut, San Francisco, CA

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Southpaw BBQ

2170 Mission St., San Francisco, CA

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