Number 8: Taqueria La Alteña's Al Pastor Burrito

Iann Ivy
Taqueria La Alteña's al pastor burrito.
SFoodie's countdown of our favorite 50 things to eat and drink, 2012 edition

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For as many taquerias and taco trucks in San Francisco serve "al pastor" -- shepherd-style pork -- Taqueria La Alteña is one of only a few of them make al pastor the traditional way: on a spit. If you think the vertical spit resembles the ones at Truly Mediterranean and Ali Baba's, that's because it originated as shawerma, introduced by Lebanese immigrants to the state of Puebla in the 1930s. As "tacos al pastor"  spread throughout their adopted country, the meat on the spit became pork, the marinade became thicker and spicier, and pineapple slices appeared on top, their juices basting the meat as it turned.

La Alteña serves its spit-roasted pork in both tacos and burritos. But we are a burrito town, let's admit it; thanks to some copycat chain based in Denver, most of the country knows what a Mission burrito is. And so La Alteña's Mission burrito al pastor is one of the best in the city (and by extension, the galaxy): the meat spiced and fragrant, fatty enough to crisp up around the edges when the cooks give it a final toss on the griddle, its flavor charismatic enough to permeate every bite. The al pastor also rich enough that you don't need to add in cheese or sour cream or guacamole -- one of the few taquerias in town whose chef d'oeuvre is filled just with rice, beans, salsa, and meat.

Taqueria La Alteña: 2588 Mission (at 22nd St.), 641-8415.

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Taqueria La Altena

2588 Mission St., San Francisco, CA

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just tried this place after reading the review. Not very impressed with their Al Pastor. 


Is McDonalds going to be at the top of your pathetic list?  Or how about Applebees?  I just want to know how much more mediocre your top 50 list can get.

Eric Burkett
Eric Burkett

Do they actually add pineapple? All the places I ate tacos al pastor in Mexico City added pineapple and, somehow, anything less is just, well, less. 

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