Newtree Debuts Sustainable Chocolate Cafe and Shop in SOMA

With a sales outpost in Marin County, the Belgian chocolate company Newtree has maintained a quiet presence in the Bay Area for years. Now, Newtree has announced a big and new local presence with its first flagship location, a retail shop and cafe in San Francisco. The space is designed with recycled and energy-efficient materials, including a floor made out of reclaimed pebbles, to be in accordance with the company's commitment to using organic and fair trade ingredients.

Newtree's corner of the confectionery market is pushing the idea of healthier chocolate, with many varieties of dark chocolate bars and spreads enhanced with ingredients like grape extract, quinoa, and flax seed. Besides carrying the full company product line (all of which is available for sampling), the cafe is also open for breakfast and lunch, with an organic menu of pastries, soups, salads, sandwiches, and other sweet and savory snacks, including a very Belgian selection of speculoos' (biscuit spreads).

The shop and cafe is open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is closed on weekends.

Newtree 1 Ecker Place (at Stevenson), 785-1185

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Benoit Debruyn
Benoit Debruyn

Hi Kat,Thank you for your comment. I'm Benoît the founder of NEWTREE. I created the company in 2001 in Brussels. Today, we're 27 people (half in the US) with global sales of 4,5 million. Unfortunately, we're still facing everyday challenges of a small start-up.  I moved two years ago with my 4-kids family and wife in California, San Anselmo, where NEWTREE America is located and developped this new line of products and the store adventure. This is the unique one we have in the US or abroad. I pasionnatly love Nature and I'm personnaly doing all I can to protect it and making NEWTREE and consumer's life the most sustainable we can. I can tell you, this is a huge challenge. If you're in the city, I'll really appreciate to pursue the conversation with you in the store. Let me know. Best, Benoît

Kat Lewis
Kat Lewis

What they don't tell you is that NewTree is a subsidiary of a HUGE chocolate company in Belgium. Don't think for a minute they are a small, sustainable, regional eco-friendly company. They have deep "parent" pockets.

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