Habanero Heyday: Tasting the Hot Jams From Diane's Sweet Heat

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Food trends, like trends of all other sorts from business to art to comic books, are cyclical. We cycle through salty to sweetness, from bacon to bourbon. Right now we seem to be hopped up on Habanero.

With only the draft still freshly saved on the Habanero honey story, we received a surprise shipment of three Fruit Habanero Jams from Humboldt County's Diane's Sweet Heat. Having found flavor in the pepper jams INNA sent us some time back, we set our expectations to simmer and tasted through. All were noted as "Medium" versus the "Mild" they also sell. Here's what we thought.

Raspberry Habanero Jam

A tad runny. Mild sweetness with modest berry flavor. Mild heat with modest build. Seems like an okay cheese accoutrement, but we'd prefer INNA jam's pepper jelly for that purpose.

Blackberry Habanero Jam
There's a bit more berry flavor here. Like blackberry pie filling with a nice building heat. Our favorite of the three.

Mango Habanero Jam

Mid-modest again. We'd rank it okay. A medium building heat.

With the exception of the blackberry, we'd like to see more heat, more fruit, and more flavor.The blackberry earned a place in the posts, and you can order it online here or find it at stores listed here.

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