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Inside the City Beer Stroe
Fun fact: The platypus is the official mascot of SOMA's City Beer Store. We remember from third grade that these creatures have duck bills, beaver tails, and the feet of otters. Perhaps this creature is an apt metaphor for a beer destination with an identity crisis -- Is it a beer store? Is it a bar? The short answer: Yes.

Six years in, and it's clear that City Beer Store hasn't succumbed to any crisis of identity. If anything, its singular focus to provide consumers with a well-rounded, educational beer experience has become a model for other successful craft beer businesses in the Bay Area and beyond. For City Beer customers, the last year will be remembered as the era when the wall came down and the shop expanded into the adjoining space.

This weekend, celebrate the fact that City Beer Store now has more taps, more bottles, and more elbow room than ever before. For its sixth Anniversary, the shop collaborated with Marin Brewing Co. to create 'Platypus Venom', an imperial stout brewed with star anise and molasses. The brew will be available on tap and in bottles starting at noon on Saturday. As an added bonus, those who missed last year's 5th Anniversary party will be able to try all 5 beers brewed for the occasion (detailed below). That's what we call 'killing two platypuses with one stone.'

City Beer Store 6th Anniversary Celebration
Where: City Beer Store, 1168 Folstom St. (at 8th St.), (415) 503-1033
When: Saturday, May 26th, Noon-9:30pm
Cost: pay per drink
What: A venemous anniversary brew, special selections from Marin Brewing Co., and pours of last year's anniversary brews:
The Bruery 'The Wanderer' - dark sour ale aged in barrels with blackberries and cherries
Fifty Fifty Brewing 'Rouge Baril Baltique' - Baltic porter aged in red wine barrels
SF Brewer's Guild 'Agent Orange' - IPA with orange peel
Midnight Sun Brewing 'Open Container' - sour beer fermented with wild Alaskan yeast and aged in chardonnay barrels
Cascade Brewing 'Figaro' - sour beer with figs

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