Baby Bunnies, Mad Cows, and a Vegan Grilled Cheese Dessert Sandwich!

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Acording to my opinion; what is thecommon denominator of the neurodegenerative diseases (mad cow disease…) ,including Alzheimer's disease?  This was11 years ago ( March 2001), when I published (in Czech) an alternative theory (BSE ammonia- magnesium theory), where the main role of NMDA receptors wasdescribed.  In addition, in scientificliterature there was described the effect of drugs, in Alzheimer's disease inhumans, on the principle of control hyperfunction of NMDA receptors, which isconsistent with my BSE alternative theory of BSE. See more about the Nameda; Amedication known as Namenda® (memantine), an N-methyl D-aspartate (NMDA)antagonist, is prescribed to treat moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease (

     I worked in the USA almost one year- WestVirginia University (1991, Morgantown). There I obtained a lot of informationfrom scientific journals (in former Czechoslovakia it was not possible), what Iused to create an alternative theory of the origin and the spread of mad cowdisease (BSE). Relevant findings I have published 11 years ago in Czech (March2001) and in English (May 2002; Netherlands, International Journal "FeedMix";[1].pdf ).  Later, in August 2006, I published ownwebsite, see; 

Since then I pointed my websitein the order of hundreds of magazines around the world, especially in the U.S..See some of them, for example on Google; .  In 2008, I repeatedly visited the USA, it was aboutthe occasion of my presentation in Vancouver, Canada (July 2008; 29th WorldVeterinary Congress; Neurodegenerative Diseases and Schizophrenia as aHyper or Hypofunction of the NMDA Receptors (  


According to my theory, the origins of the neurodegenerativediseases may lie in chronic magnesium deficiency coupled with a high proteinintake. So defective prions are markers of the diseases rather than the causeand BSE can be a naturally occurring disease, not an infectious disease. WHY?

Because, about the BSE/ vCJD diseases; this was never justified scientifically!It was pure, math-model-driven science fiction. But it was pushed veryvigorously by the British science establishment, which has never confessed toits errors... See more about the; BSE/ vCJD mathematical- models, see recentlarge three comments (February 2010) ( ).

However,  well-knowncircumstances can be show (as a detective story); in documenting the first caseof disease transmission, by blood transfusion. For more informations see my other large comments  (January 12, 2011)in  Western Star (   ). Atthe present time I will complete my website to the final version, so it wouldbe clear among other things, that mad cow disease has never been and is not aninfectious disease. Among other things, there much contributed recent researchabout the Alzhemeir´s disease.

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