Vegan Cheese at Rainbow, Vegan Buns at AT&T Park, and Ian Somerhalder is Out to Save the Youth and the Puppies!

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San Francisco is getting its own vegan store! Pinko's Vegan Mercantile will be opening in the near future Valencia Street, one block south of Market. Damn, I love the name! Say it with me: Pinkos! Reminds me of my commie childhood.

Hellooo nurse! This, my friends, is a vegan butterscotch krimpet! This is THE food of my youth. I ate these all the dang time, along with the rest of young Philadelphians. And now the Tolerant Vegan brings us a egg- and dairy-free version! Huzzah!


Oakland Veg Week starts Sunday! Happiest week in the east bay!

Remember how AT&T Park is getting vegan franks? But we weren't sure about the buns? Remember? Well! I heard from two sources who contacted the bun supplier and they said they are in fact vegan. So stuff your face with them wieners!

John Burton, author of the bill for the foie gras ban, wrote an Op-Ed for the LA Times about how these fools are going to deal with the foie gras ban whether they like it or not! Booyah!

The Humane Society released a new undercover video of the horrible conditions at a major egg producer. This is for EGGS. Not meat. This is why we're vegan:

Don't worry guys! I have a video chaser to make you feel better! Say hello to these adorable kittens on their kitty cam! Sneak peek:

Rainbow Grocery is going to start carrying Punk Rawk vegan cheese! Never had it, but I hear good things.

Not only is Ian Somerhalder the hotness, he also RULES. He's opening an animal shelter that will also serve as a youth program for bullies. I've read so much positive stuff about animal-assisted therapy and kids, I think this is going to be awesome. I'm excited! Next week: Somerhalder can go vegan and we can fall in love.

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