Troya Expands to the Fillmore

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Sylvie Boland
The Mediterranean kitchen Troya's new Fillmore location debuted last Wednesday, featuring a more sophisticated spin on the traditional Turkish cuisine and decor that owners Berk Kinalilar and Brigitte Cullen are known for.

Initially set to open the day before, the staff had to push things back a bit when the restaurant's tables didn't arrive in time for service. Fully staffed and ready to go, the team got to keep Troya Fillmore's premier dinner all to themselves.

In the end the extra time worked out just fine. "We worked so hard on Tuesday, Wednesday night was just really pleasant," Kinalilar said.

Chef Philip Busacco (Terzo) has taken the wholly traditional menu at Troya's Richmond location, and combined these ideals with modern Northern California fare.

But there's still plenty of tradition. All pasta and bread will be prepared in-house by Turkish baker Behiye Golgeci exactly the way Kinalilar remembers from childhood.

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Sylvie Boland
"The pasta and the bread are untouched," Kinalilar explains," because they really represent the soul of Turkish cuisine."

Turkish born and educated Kinalilar is relishing in the opportunity to share his dishes with more of San Francisco. The larger kitchen means even more food. Particularly exciting he says, "The space to make Anatolian flatbreads!"

Troya's second location hasn't solely grown in space and food though. The team is thrilled to have had sommelier Mark Bright (Saison) help develop their wine list.

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I'm pretty sure the headline should read "Troyo expands to the FILLMORE"  not Richmond.

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