The Burritt Room's Mystic Rebirth

Lou Bustamante
Burritt Room bar manager Liam Gilmore
In just under two years, the Burritt Room has seen about as much drama as the alley it was named for did in the Maltese Falcon. With opening bartender Kevin Diedrich leaving at the one year mark, taking most of the staff with him to open Jasper's Corner Tap, and veteran bar star Joel Baker coming in over the summer only to leave in the fall with the transition to new hotel ownership-- the only thing missing is a falcon statuette.

The refreshed Burritt Room is set to open later this month, headed up by bar manager Liam Gilmore, who has been already running the show since late fall. Along with bartenders Josh Trabulsi and Seth Laufman, Gilmore is putting the finishing touches on a 20 drink list that includes a few punch bowl options, like the Fish House Punch.

Professional and gracious, the 23-year-old New Jersey native has put together a list that he describes as "creativity over refinement." Gilmore cut his teeth in Atlantic City casinos, followed by stints at Yoshi's, Trader Vic's, Hibiscus, and Room 389 in Oakland, the place he feels influenced him the most behind the bar. The menu is more of a team effort than an individual one, so Trabulsi's experience managing the W Hotel bar in LA and expertise in wine (as certified sommelier), and Laufman's time at Bay Area favorites Gitane and Boulevard will all mold the diverse list.

The cocktail menu will include classics like Sherry Cobblers, 20th Century, Mamie Taylor, Golden Dawn, with a good measure of house drinks like the Basil Peach Punch (genever, peach, honey, lemon, basil), Poquito Picante (blanco tequila, aperol, sugar, lime, chili tincture), Study Abroad (bourbon, pear, allspice, lemon, maple syrup), and the Peruvian Porter (pisco, Pedro Ximenez sherry, falernum, lime, porter).

Will the trio make the Burritt Room a destination again? With a great space and new restaurant, we're excited to find out.

The Burritt Room, 417 Stockton (at Sutter), inside the Mystic Hotel, 400-0500

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