Sunrise Deli Preparing Launch of Falafel-Shawerma Truck

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The future design of Sunrise Deli's new truck.
According to Khaled Ramadan, whose family owns the four-location Sunrise Deli, a Sunrise Deli Food Truck is almost fully pimped out and about to slip into its colorful wrap. Then the truck heads up to San Francisco to meet the health and fire inspectors. "We're hopefully going to launch the truck by May 1," Ramadan says.

The Sunrise truck will sell a condensed version of the deli's menu: falafel, shawerma, dips such as hummus and baba ghanoush, and salads. "We're going to have a deep-fryer on the truck, and so the falafel will be made fresh," Ramadan says -- which is crucial, considering the deli's reputation for making the city's best falafel. "The spit for shawerma is coming later on," he adds. "They couldn't get it on this time, but within a month, I have a guy who will install it."

Ramadan hasn't applied yet for street parking, but he's in conversation with all the normal players in the food-truck universe as well as San Francisco State University, which is looking for trucks to park on campus now that the city is letting food trucks park on university and hospital campuses. If you want to follow the truck's progress, like the deli's Facebook page or subscribe to its Twitter feed (@sunrisedeli).

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