San Franciscans Apparently Eat More Healthfully Than Almost Anywhere in the Nation

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Someone should be hanging a Brussels Sprout Queen banner over the Bay Bridge.
The only thing worse than being no. 2 is coming in second place to our frenemy, New York City. Alas, San Francisco has fallen one place short of being no. 1 when it comes to healthy eating. But no reason to wallow in a pint of Ben & Jerry's just yet; we're still way healthier than your cousins in Nebraska.

According to a new high-tech study, San Franciscans have some of the healthiest and greenest diets in the nation. Massive Health, a San Francisco-based startup, analyzed real-world, real-life eating data via its app, The Eatery, over the past five months. What it found was that San Francisco ranked as the second healthiest city in the U.S., thanks to our love for lettuce and all things green. 

According to the study, San Francisco scored a 67.6 percent overall health rating, with Los Angeles trailing behind. Instead of taking late-night trips to McDonald's, we opted to eat veggies. In the last five months, we ate 4.4 times more brussels sprouts than the rest of the nation, and we snacked on 3.4 times more cashews compared to everyone else.  

Our favorite food? Caesar salad, which incidentally is insanely fattening since it's doused with cheese and oil-and-egg dressing.
Other interesting highlights:

  • Nationally, we are less healthy as the day goes on. In fact we eat 1.7 percent worse for every hour that passes.
  • On average, dinner is 15.0 percent less healthy than breakfast.
  • Those who eat breakfast are 12.3 percent healthier than those who don't.
  • People eat 12.4 percent less healthy than they think they do. About 72 percent of foods are rated healthier by the eater than by others.
  • Eating habits are contagious: Who we eat with affects what we eat by 34.5 percent.
  • Vegans and vegetarians are the healthiest eaters.

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