Number 21: Starter Bakery's Hazelnut Kouign Amann

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Starter Bakery's hazelnut kouign amman.
SFoodie's countdown of our favorite 50 things to eat and drink, 2012 edition

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Although Ti Kouz has stopped serving krampouz, Bay Area eaters are still struggling to pronounce Breton words thanks to Starter Bakery. Its signature pastry, the kouign amman (queen ah-mahn), is a butter cake from Brittany that, in the hands of American patissiers like Starter's Brian Wood, has become  single-serving pastry with flavorful centers. Wood, a former baking instructor who wrote the book on pastry (hyperbole alert: he actually wrote portions of a textbook on pastry) sells his croissants and kouignoù amman (that'd be the plural of kouign) at farmers markets, Bi-Rite, and cafes around the Bay.

The genius of the kouign amman is how much butter Wood secrets in the dough, sprinkling sugar as he folds so that the pastry puffs and separates into dozens of layers as it bakes. But it's no airy, fragile croissant. In the oven, butter and sugar meld and melt together to form grainy, transparent spikes and twists of caramel that cling to the rim, crackling when you bite into them. There's just enough salt in the mix to push the pastry to that liminal state where savory and sweet coexist. 

And the genius of Starter's hazelnut-filled kouign amman, the best of his flavored kouignou, is that there's no contrast between the interior and the exterior of the pastry; the flavor of the toasted nuts echo the butter and caramelized sugar as if they were made of the same substance. 

Starter Bakery
, 1552 Beach St., Oakland, Sells at the Temescal, Albany, and Grand Lake farmers' markets and in cafes and markets around the Bay Area.

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