Number 17: Z&Y Restaurant's Fish With Flaming Chile Oil

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Jonathan Kauffman
Z&Y's fish with flaming oil.
SFoodie's countdown of our favorite 50 things to eat and drink, 2012 edition

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The next time your best friend pretends she's not dieting but is "cleansing" her body of "toxins" with a little bout of self-starvation, one-up her by embarking on an "internal sweat lodge," otherwise known as Z&Y's fish with flaming chile oil.

A bowl of broth the happy, prosperous color of glowing coals comes to greet you, a logjam of dried chiles on its surface. There's an innocuous tuft of cilantro on the surface, but the wisps of steam that float up from the bowl carry aromas that normally convey the phrase, "Run now, idiot." But you are no idiot, or perhaps a bigger one than you suspect, because you are in there with your chopsticks, pulling fat, white pieces of fish out from the depths of the broth, holding them up long enough for most -- but not all -- of the crimson oil to sluice off the fish. (Advanced practitioners do this over their rice, denying themselves an easy out.)

You take a bite, and the fish -- cooked merely by pouring the hot broth and oil overtop -- melts as if it were a bundle of unspun silk, or perhaps a pouf of seafoam. And then the burn begins. It starts at the lips, which initially vibrate along with the capsicum-induced throbbing, courtesy of the Sichuan peppercorns that give the broth such a cool, citrus-bright aroma. Then the burn flows around the insides of your cheeks, makes your tongue involuntarily spasm, and spreads out onto the skin of your face. Your eyebrows sweat. Your ears sweat. You can feel those PCBs and BPAs and all those other unnamed chemicals that are surely poisoning your brain course out of your body like bees from a bear-threatened hive. Once the post-chile endorphins kick in, the pain doesn't hurt quite so much. By the end of a half-hour of this kind of treatment, you may not lose any weight, but you emerge from the meal purer of heart.

Z&Y Restaurant, 655 Jackson (at Grant), 981-8988.

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Z & Y Restaurant

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