Meet Jacques Pepin Wednesday Night at Omnivore Books

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What: Jacques Pepin Book Signing
Where: Omnivore Books, 3885 Cesar Chavez St
When: April 18th 1-2 pm
Cost: Free

The Rundown:
Every cook worth his or her salt has at least one Jacques Pepin book on the shelf--most likely Le Technique, La Methode, or The Complete Pepin, classic tomes that no chef, newbie or veteran, should be without. A master of technique, Pepin is a legend in the culinary world and rightfully so. For over a decade he's graced our television screens, with Julia Child in Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home and on his own in countless PBS cooking programs. Pepin's easy charm and his dedication to simple, fundamentally sound cooking have won over--and created--a legion of loyal foodies across the world.

This Wednesday you have a chance to bask in the master's glow and hear him chat a bit about his newest book, The Essential Pepin. A collection of over 700--that's right, seven hundred--of his favorite recipes, this cookbook of biblical proportions covers everything from sandwiches and pizza to charcuterie and souffl├ęs, and comes with a bonus DVD which features three hours of Jacques demonstrating nearly every technique you'll ever need in the kitchen.

The only thing intimidating about The Essential Pepin is its size. In classic Jacques Pepin style, the book is filled with easy to understand instructions, practical tips, and personal comments and anecdotes that bring each recipe to life on the page.

Pepin displays his gift for championing quality without pretension or preachy-ness, and for always keeping a pragmatic sensibility about food. While many of his dishes may seem simple, there is a sense that they have been pared down over the years to only their vital elements--there is not one ingredient out of place, not one extraneous step. Not often do you see a book's title, author, and contents complement each other so perfectly, boiled down to one word: essential.

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