Fune Ya Japanese's IRS Problems, Why Criolla Kitchen Closed, and La Barca Shutters

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The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

Fune Ya Japanese Restaurant is in hot water in with the IRS -- marking the third Richmond District restaurant in recent months to head to court. SFGate reports cash receipts in boxes marked "seasoned octopus" were never reported to the IRS. This bust is on the heels of Pho Clement's court order to pay overtime pay to former employees, and John Campbell's Irish Bakery's pending lawsuit also involving employee pay. Oh, and if those three weren't bad enough, there was also that Chris Hansen bust of Lincoln Park Market, where the employee pocketed a winning lotto ticket. All other restaurants should take this as a warning to stay on the straight-and-narrow.

Speaking of the law, Grub Street learns the reason behind Criolla Kitchen's sudden shutter was due to one -- or more -- lawsuits filed by their produce supplier. Rumor has it the lawsuit(s) was due to a contract dispute between the parties.

After nearly half-a-century, La Barca closed its doors over the weekend. Inside Scoop discovers the new owners' plans are underway, and they aren't Mexican focused. Adiós La Barca.

We never thought much about sexy features of brick-and mortar restaurants, but apparently Wo Hing General Store is hot. Details lists the restaurant among the "10 Sexiest New Restaurants in America."

And the Pizzeria Delfina team let us know the parklet parked outside their restaurant will open this Friday -- marking the first of its kind to plunk down in Pacific Heights.

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Criolla Kitchen - CLOSED

2295 Market St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

Fune Ya

354 Clement St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

John Campbell's Irish Bakery

5625 Geary, San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

Good Noodle Restaurant (Pho Clement)

239 Clement, San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

La Barca - CLOSED

2036 Lombard, San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

Pizzeria Delfina

2406 California St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

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It's increasingly obvious that Wo Hing has a great publicist.

That Details write-up is a hoot. Let's start with "Hearty dishes." If anything, Wo Hing's dishes are small. Even their fans will admit to that. 

And the decor is hardly sexy. 

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