Emily Luchetti Hawks Giants-Themed Cookies on Opening Day

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No, Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson's cookies -- left to right -- do not exactly resemble their namesakes. Nor were Wilson's cookies produced by "The Machine."
The terms "baseball" and "baked goods" don't normally go together -- unless you're talking about Dock Ellis, the former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher who managed to toss a no-hitter while high on acid.

Well, San Francisco does take on Pittsburgh in Friday's home-opener. Ellis retired more than 30 years ago and an LSD-hawking pop-up might not go over so well, even in San Francisco. So how about a cookie?

Emily Luchetti, the pastry chef for Waterbar and Farallon restaurants, will be pushing $5 bags of Giants-themed cookies at 399 Embarcadero South on Friday starting at 11:30. The goods offered will be Tim Lincecum's "pitchersnaps"; Pablo Sandoval's "Panda Prints" (peanut butter and jam cookies in honor of the Giants' annual crash-dieter); Buster Posey's Chocolate Chunks; and Brian Wilson's Chocolate Sea Salt ShortBEARDs -- because nothing moves cookies like thematically tying them to Rasputin-like, jet-black facial hair.

As you can see, the cookies don't actually resemble the Giants players (and, with Lincecum's long hair and Wilson's Civil War-era beard, these are some fairly distinctive gents; in silhouette they resemble The Young Ones). While we're sure Luchetti's fare is delicious, here are the Giants cookies we wish we could buy:

  • Matt Cain's Spectacular But No Cookie Is Worth This Money Oatmeal Clusters;

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