Ecco Coffee's Potrero Hill Cafe Finally To Open ... Some Day


Almost two years ago Sonoma's Ecco Coffee was seemingly about to explode onto the streets of San Francisco. Chicago coffee giant Intelligentsia had announced an acquisition of the little company started by Andrew Barnett in 2006, and word was that Ecco was looking to open up a roaster and cafe in the abandoned ID Home building at the intersection of Mariposa and Mississippi. Dedicated coffee lovers waited eagerly ... and waited. Until now.

Late last week Ecco Roasting Manager Gabe Boscana broke the news to SF Weekly that, yes, a roaster was up and running and, yes, a cafe attached to the roaster was on its way. Though he's still holding some information back, when we asked about the timeline of the project Boscana said, "Soon. We are still going through the permit process. We're doing everything right and carefully." 

Of course, we all know what it means for a San Francisco restaurant to deal with the red tape of the city's permit world, so just to be safe maybe we should expect "soon" to be a good deal further off than we might wish.

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Ecco Coffee

1125 Mariposa St., San Francisco, CA

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I live pretty close by, and have been keeping an eye on this (in the "looking forward to it" way, mind you). There definitely is a roaster-like machine inside now, and they have replaced the big entry on the left with a new storefront system. However, the inside otherwise looks pretty unfinished- would guess they have a ways to go.

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