Double Dutch Dog, Vegan M&Ms and Whale Trainer Barbie!

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  • Now I'd like to talk about a topic very near and dear to my heart: candy! I bought these Holy Cow chocolate beans from vegan essentials because boy do I miss M&Ms. Now that I've tried them, I can say they are too legit! Too legit to quit, even! I don't know if they taste exactly like M&Ms, but they are definitely good. They take a little longer to melt, but the candy coating is super crunchy and the chocolate is great. I highly recommend.
  • Ecorazzi reports that a whole slew of movie stars are getting behind a bill that would finally end experimentation on chimpanzees. James Franco and Alec Baldwin are in, as is Woody Harrelson. The U.S. is one of only two countries that still tests on chimpanzees. It's pretty much one of the saddest things ever. But! Watch this bittersweet video of some lab chimps feeling the grass under their feet for the first time! There is hope for us yet! 
  • As promised, Double Dutch Dog:
    Holy freaking cow, this former pound puppy is a genius! This is especially funny to me that a dog can do this because I used to get totally clowned for not being good at double dutch in elementary school.
  • But wait, there's more PETA news! They are not very pleased with Mattel and "Whale Trainer Barbie." I think it's hilarious in that special tragic way. If they are going to keep this Barbie on the shelves, PETA suggests a more accurate portrayal considering the many trainer deaths: "It should have detachable limbs and be black and blue." Also, Barbie needs some basic anatomy -- can we work on that?

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I didn't even get past the part about the vegan m&ms.  I clicked on the link and instantly bought 2 100g bags  (how much is 100g, anyway?).  I was excited and dancing around until I remembered "Oh yeah, I was reading something."  Thank you soooo much for the heads up!  I miss m&ms real bad.  :-)

Abby Bean
Abby Bean

Those beans look awfully similar to those sucky Whizzers.  As a former M&M addict, I'm totally hooked on the kosher & accidentally vegan lentils from Economy Candy in NYC.  holla.


I can't remember if I've had whizzers but I swear these are good!

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