Number 29: 18-Hour Brisket From Memphis Minnie's

Iann Ivy
Memphis Minnie's brisket, in sandwich form.
When your plate of 18-hour smoked brisket slides over the glass shelves at Memphis Minnie's, your stomach might balk a bit. This is an intimidating spread of food. In one corner: a bright-yellow cornbread muffin and two ramekins of vinegary slaw, smoky beans, or whatever else you might have chosen. In the other: a daunting pile of spice-crusted ovals of Memphis Minnie's signature 18-hour smoked brisket.
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Though the claims of 18 hours of slow-smoked goodness seem impressive (and they are), brisket, the superficial and deep pectorals of the cow, are well-used muscles. Without lengthy cooking, the cut has a tendency to stay tough and stringy. Memphis Minnie's avoids even the suggestion of dry meat, by smoking it on-site over white oak. What emerges is a flat boulder of blackened meat, perfectly encrusted with a secret mix of dry ingredients and lightly charred meat. Once thinly sliced, the reward for this lengthy cooking period emerges. The meat itself is tender enough to be torn apart by the desperate fingers of a starved barbecue lover. 

Bob Kantor, the Brooklyn-born cook who started Memphis Minnie's, uses no mop sauces when preparing his barbecue, sticking to the philosophy that the taste of well-cooked meat is grand enough. That secret-ingredient black crust that rims each piece lends a tiny hint of salt, pepper, and even chili powder. When dredged through the restaurant's Beelzebub sauce (though it isn't as hot as the restaurant claims), each bite becomes a tender bit of meaty fire.

Memphis Minnie's: 576 Haight (at Steiner), 864-7675.

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Memphis Minnie's BBQ Joint

576 Haight, San Francisco, CA

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Memphis Minnie's is an insult to BBQ, and their brisket has never been spectacular or smokey.  Last time I dined there, I returned my food after tasting it and immediately forced myself to vomit in the nearest bathroom.  


Memphis Minnie's brisket is extraordinarily hit-and-miss.  You'll sometimes get the dish this article describes (though the Beelzebub sauce is a bad idea, just flavor-wise).  And you'll sometimes get shoe leather.  The brisket is *by far* the best thing at Memphis Minnie's -- DO NOT EAT THE FRIED PIES -- but on a bad day, nothing on the menu is worth eating.

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