William Pilz of Hapa SF Takes Over SodaCraft

Gil Riego Jr.
William Pilz of Hapa SF and now SodaCraft.
SFoodie was leaving the Ferry Plaza farmers market this afternoon when we noticed a familiar face behind the SodaCraft stand: William Pilz, owner of modern Filipino food truck Hapa SF. Pilz, it turns out, has just taken over production of the artisanal, seasonal, fermented sodas from SodaCraft founder Jesse Friedman.

Friedman, who started SodaCraft a little more than a year ago as a side project that quickly blew up, told SFoodie that he has sold the business to Pilz in order to work full time on Almanac Beer Co. "We did a lot of training together, and William took on all my old recipes," Friedman says. "Having someone with that culinary background, who's so in tune with the ideas behind SodaCraft, makes for a smooth transition." Pilz has already debuted a new flavor, an oro blanco grapefruit.

In addition to manning the Ferry Plaza stand on Thursdays, Pilz will be selling SodaCraft sodas out of the Hapa SF food truck. You can keep track of his new flavors by following Soda Craft's Twitter feed or Facebook page.

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