Whiskies of the World Is Sold Out, but Here Are Events Where You Can Score a Taste

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Bushmills Pipe and Drum add appropriate atmosphere
The forecast may be full of dark, cold days and rain, but this weekend Whiskies of the World expo is the perfect shelter from the storm: three levels aboard the San Francisco Belle (Hornblower Cruises) with 30 distilleries and producers of grain spirits pouring a few hundred different bottles. Although the main event has sadly sold out, here are a few related happenings to quench your whisky thirst:

Anchor Brewery and Distillery Tour and Tasting
Where: Anchor Brewing Co., 1705 Mariposa (at De Haro)
When: 1:30 p.m.
Cost: Reservations required, email: anchor@whiskiesoftheworld.com

The rundown: An exclusive look at San Francisco's most celebrated whiskey distillery. The first distillery in the US to produce a 100% rye pot-distilled whisky in the style of founding father George Washington. With custom built stills constructed to resemble the ones found in Washington's Mt. Vernon estate, Anchor's small batch whiskey is some of the most interesting and delicious around.

Isle of Arran and Kilchoman Whisky Dinner Seminar
Where: The City Club,155 Sansome (at Pine), 10th floor
When: 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Cost: $75; Tickets available online

The rundown: An evening of bites and sips with seven hors d'oeuvres paired with eight whiskies, led by Euan Mitchell (Isle of Arran Dsitillery) and Anthony Wills (Kilchoman Distillery). As both are known for doing things differently -- with Arran building a custom warehouse for aging whiskies onsite, and Kilchoman doing everything from growing its own grain and malting to distilling and aging onsite -- this promises to be an indulgent and fascinating evening.

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Buy poteen online

  Whiskies of theWorld expo are the perfect shelter from the storm rain and cold weather. Iprobably won’t have words   to describe its taste and quality. Can onlysay that taste its then believe it, it will surely make your day 

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