Help Rescued Chickens, Wild Horses Under Attack from Terrible Humans, and Butternut Mac 'n' Cheese Bites!

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Hey guys, let's start this week off with some sad news because that's how I do it: This is my last Week in Vegan! I'm moving on to different pastures (not killing myself, just a new job) and I wanted to say, writing with you as been among the most rewarding experiences in my life, and ALSO, Megan Rascal from Vegansaurus, who is taking over for me, is much funnier, smarter, and sexier* than yours truly, so promise me you'll still get loose with it? I love you.

Troma Entertainment made a short video about the animals people eat. It's totally great and hilarious and light-hearted and filled with merriment and joy. Check it out:

That bullfighter who was face-gored (horn through eye socket, son!) is now looking and acting just like a Batman villain! Super creeps! He's back in the ring, killing bulls with a vengeance. Sounds like a really great guy who is super smart about learning lessons and stuff. The most fucked up thing about bullfighting is that even when the bull wins, the bull loses. That's no sport, that's The Hunger Games. Also, WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR THE HUNGER GAMES? I'll be the grown-ass woman dressed like Peeta at the midnight showing.

There's an all-vegan episode of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network this weekend! Vegan gluttony on the boob tube, could anything be better? Make to watch sprawled naked in front of your TV, surrounded by a pile of puppies, spraying whipped cream into your maw. Sweet heaven, my friends!

• Yao Ming is not only hella tall and hella good at basketball, he also loves bears! Where's his racist ice cream flavor, motherfuckers?

• Watch this video of thousands of chickens being saved from that horrible place in Stanislaus county! It's a super great and touching video:

Now, go donate to them and go shopping for them and spread the word about how chickens are amazing and smart and goofy and little flying dinosaurs DO IT!

• I'm a little late on this but this pesto looks to be the BOMB. Let's you and me get jiggy with/in it. Also, BUTTERNUT MAC 'N' CHEESE BITES HOLY SHIT.

• You in New York City? Go to their Vegetarian Food Festival this weekend and eat for those of us who can't. Think of the children! And then restrict your caloric consumption because children can EAT. Speaking of New York, you're totally getting an all vegan clothing store, too! Vaute Couture is opening up, and they sell the cutest shit, so buy it all before you're too fat to fit into any of it. Plus sizes coming soon?? Fingers crossed!!

Your tax money is paying for the capture of wild horses. And it's actually even more fucked up than that because they're using that land to graze cattle. IT'S SO FUCKED UP. You guys, really, get angry about this and take some action because if we don't speak up for horses -- one of the symbols of American freedom! -- who will? And I know what you're thinking but Mister Ed BEEN dead, we can't count on him.

*Lie -- I'll always be the sexiest! Peace!

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino.
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malou@cheap foam mattress pad
malou@cheap foam mattress pad

Animals are friendly,If you can understand them you can feel what they feel and even can read whats in their mind.Let us be kind to the animals.


whaaaaaa laura! you're leaving? where are you going to be writing instead so that i can read your stuff forever? i'll still read megan rascal because she's cool too, but i'm not stalking her.


Please join the fight to save our wild horses (Mustangs).  


Amazing work saving all of those animals!

Please consider that the only way to stop factory farming is to stop supporting the products that factory farming is designed to create.  Animal products.  Please think about adopting a vegan diet.

Mindy Zuckerman
Mindy Zuckerman

Animal Place is amazing. I went there a couple weekends ago and just walked around. Their animals looks so happy and the habitats are amazing! I'm going back as soon as I can to have a guided tour. That video was really touching. THANK YOU ANIMAL PLACE!

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