This Week in Vegan: Ag-Gag Ugliness, Criminal Cheese Mischief, and Vegan Deviled Eggs

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​Hello new friends! This is my first Week in Vegan, and I'm very excited. I know we will all miss Laura Beck (especially me! She's been neglecting me because of her new job! And I'm not saying it reminds me of my dad, but let's just say it reminds me of my dad). Still, I will try to fill the void! Let's get this party started.

  • Iowa has really done it this time! Gov. Terry Branstad actually signed an ag-gag bill into law. Way to go, jerk! The law is a little different than the team ag-gag was hoping. Animal rights organizations can distribute undercover videos, but actually lying to get a job on a factory farm in order to film farm conditions will be a crime. It's great to see them taking an ethical stand! Forget grinding up live chicks and violently castrating screaming piglets: Iowa hates liars. Maybe people shouldn't have to lie in order to film factory farms, eh? Open the factory doors!
  • Ever wonder what it's actually like to go undercover at a factory farm? Here's an interview all about it! It's brutal. But people should know!
  • In other Iowa news, a man was recently arrested for committing criminal mischief with cheese. I'm not even kidding.

  • In world news, VEGAN DEVILED EGGS! I used to love deviled eggs, so I'm pretty pumped for these. Except they seem like a lot of work, and if there's one thing I hate, it's a lot of work. Make them for me?

  • Guess what, guess what! Yummy veggie restaurant Source is having its first anniversary party tonight! Not only will there be a specially priced vegan platter all weekend, but mention this Vegansaurus post and you'll get an additional 10 percent off your meal tonight! That's my kind of party: cheap and vegan. And word on the street (and on the menu) is there will be strawberry truffles for dessert! Come at me, bro!

  • Amazing website The Hairpin is crushing it with their summary of every comment section on anything ever written about PETA. From "Clearly you have not read The Sexual Politics of Meat. Here are four paragraphs from it," to "Bacon is yum. I eat bacon whenever I see a vegetarian post on a message board. Sometimes I make myself throw up so I can eat the bacon twice," it's really just perfect.

  • If you weren't able to make it to New York for the 2012 Vegetarian Food Festival last weekend, never fear! Here is a video showing you all the yummy vegan food and products you missed! There's also a giant dancing monkey and some rescue beagles:

I'll tell you what they don't have to work hard on: being cute! I love you, you wrinkled beacons of adorable.

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Hello! The eggs are definitely not a lot of work! Once you have the ingredients (not hard to find), they come together before you know it, and the taste is 110% worth it. Go for it. You can do it. Let me know how it works out.


An employer spends time and money screening candidates for a job and then hires what the employer thinks is the best qualified, and it turns out the person doesn't want the job at all but is there to expose the employer's operations.

Seems unfair to the employer. Be a whistle-blower. Be an investigative journalist. But there seems no excuse to lie about commitments. 


Sure, but when their business is full of death and suffering that's awful for the animals, and  the humans who unfortunately eat them, then I'd say that seems a bit unfair.

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