Studio Gourmet Looks to Host the Talk Show for SF Foodies, With E&O's Arnold Wong

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E&O Trading Company
Shitake Mushroom Dumplings
What: Studio Gourmet interviews Chef Arnold Wong, who gives a live food demonstration

Where: Circolo on 500 Florida Street

When: Tuesday, March 27 at 5:30 p.m.

Cost: $50 (minus free drinks all night and a taste of Wong's craved dumplings)

The Rundown: Studio Gourmet is taking a break from exclusively filming shorts to host its own TV show. Expect interviews with local chefs, a live cooking demonstration, then cocktails to follow.

The next taping on March 27 will feature local chef Arnold Wong cooking his signature Shitake Mushroom Dumplings. Wong's dumplings have been craved by the city since they were introduced 15 years ago when Wong founded his first wine bar restaurant, Eos.

After the cooking demonstration, Studio Gourmet will tape a one-on-one with Wong. The host will delve into Wong's experiences growing up at his family's market, opening Eos (soon to close under a different owner), and cooking as a chef at E&O Trading Company-- where his coveted dumplings are currently served with a drizzle of foie gras miso sauce.

Chef Jason Berthold of RN74 for Studio Gourmet from Kenny Kusina on Vimeo.

Studio Gourmet's next taping will be similar to its last video featuring RN74's chef Jason Berthold.

No word as to where the TV pilot will be aired, Studio Gourmet is still working to sell its show to a local outlet. 

All guests will be treated with beer and wine provided by Circolo. But the most important portion of the show is your shot at the spotlight: tasting Wong's dumplings. Food lovers and critics wanted.

Tickets cost $50, e-mail to save your seat. Visit Studio Gourmet's website for more information.

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