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Can you tell readers how this tastes without sounding like you've eaten waaay too much of it?
Have you become a connoisseur of magic brownies? Do you have strong opinions on whether indica or sativa makes for a refined caramel? The Bay Area is home to an astonishing array of legal, artisan pot edibles, and we're interested in finding someone who can help other readers discern the delicious from the merely doped up. (Read some of our past coverage here.)

We're looking for weekly or biweekly posts from a writer who knows his or her way around our local dispensaries. You need to have a valid prescription for medical marijuana and show prowess in writing about what you're tasting. (We'd be willing to let you use a pseudonym, if you're worried about your boss finding out.) If you qualify for the job, e-mail jobs@sfweekly.com. Write "Pot Edibles" in the subject line, and include two clips or links to food-related posts you have written.

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Pace Paul
Pace Paul

awesome opportunity . Now that im getting Sunday Monday and Tuesdays off, I think Ill just start my own blog! Thanks for the idea.

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