Schmendricks Returns With Sunday Pop-Up

They don't "make no freakin' bluberry bagels"
What: Schmendricks bagel pop-up

Where: 780 Café, 780 Valencia St.

When: Sun., March 18, 10:30 a.m.

Cost: 50 cents off with a cafe beverage

The rundown: Schmendrick may be Yiddish for a stupid person, but the bagel masters at Schmendricks are anything but. They're hosting a sold out New York bagel education event at 18 Reasons this week and sold out of their signature hand-rolled Brooklyn bagels within an hour at their first pop-up last month.

Plain, onion, sesame, poppy and garlic bagels so good they don't need to be toasted are on the menu just in time to heal your St. Paddy's day hangover. Schmendricks has assured SFoodie that they'll have more bagels ready at this, their second pop-up at 780 Café's new location, but early arrival is suggested. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more scheduled pop-ups.

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Arieh Lebowitz
Arieh Lebowitz

Just so ya' know, the name of this place came from a play.  As noted in the Wikipedia,

Shmendrik, oder Die komishe Chaseneh (Schmendrik or The Comical Wedding) is an 1877 comedy by Abraham Goldfaden, one of the earliest and most enduring pieces in Yiddish theater. The title role of Shmendrik was originally written for the young Sigmund Mogulesko, and derived from a character Mogulesko did when auditioning for Goldfaden earlier that year. The role was later famously played by actress Molly Picon.The play is loosely based on an earlier Romanian language play, Vlăduţu Mamei (Mama's Boy), transferred to a setting in a family of Hasidic Jews, a milieu that was a standard butt of humor among the "enlightened" Jews of the Haskalah.The secondary title is a pun on The Chymical Wedding, one of the major works of Johannes Valentinus Andreae (1586–1654), a founding work of Rosicrucianism.


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