Poitín 1661 Update: Mission Accomplished

Ashlee Casserly
SFoodie raises its cup for former San Francisco bar tender Ashlee Casserly. Last week we dished about her Kickstarter campaign for her authentic Irish white whiskey,1661 Poitín. She reached her goal of raising $40,000 Monday, two hours before the deadline. The grand total is $43,451. Introducing American liquor connoisseurs to this Irish recipe is now officially in the works.

"I was up watching it all night until around 5 a.m. with so many people commenting and watching the progress too. By the end people were raising their pledges just to get me to the target by the deadline," said Casserly.

This is only the beginning, Casserly says. Brand labels and the formula needs government approval before distillers can start working on the product. Before tackling that, she has to fulfill all of the rewards for her financial backers on Kickstarter including 1661 Poitín T-shirts before St. Patrick's Day.

"This has been such a hectic month, but I loved every minute of it. This has been one of the most gratifying things I have ever done and I really am so thankful to everyone who helped make it possible," said Casserly.

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John H
John H

There is a locally produced Poitin coming from a distillery called 1512 Spirits in Sonoma County.  Its made using Potato and the flavor profiles are like nothing yet available.  Rumor has it Cask is getting some bottles soon.


Poitín coming from Sonoma in California isn't the real thing, 1661 Poitín is being distilled in a traditional Irish distillery, in it's country of origin "Ireland"... made and produced by Irish and brought to America. The real deal!


Angela just to clear the air on your comment that real irish poitoin is made in disttillerys in Ireland is false the word poition means small pot. it is a product of the past that was maid from potatoes and barley and was never produced in disttillerys it was maid by moonshiners and farmers on the country sides of ireland in small pot stills to avoid tax

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