Pepper Spray Cop Meme Lives on at Frjtz Restaurant

Missy Buchanan
Get your French fries with a side of civil disobedience.
Last November's harrowing shot of UC Davis campus police officer Lt. John Pike callously pepper spraying peacefully protesting students has had a wild life as an Internet meme. If any image of the Occupy movement has been seared in the brain, it is this one. Pike has been Photoshopped in countless iterations, sometimes harassing his way through the history's greatest works of art.

Looks like Pike has become a clever condiment as well, adorning the hot sauce bottles at Hayes Valley fry shop
. It's surely the most attention-grabbing sauce in a restaurant swimming with sauces.

The bottle orders the directive to "shake it like you mean it." The consequences of disobeying are clear.

He's an unlikely food star giving angry sauce a new definition. Homie don't play. And if you happen to be super charmed by it, he's also for sale to bring home.

This sauce delivers quite a capsaicin kick -- just don't get it in your eye.

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Frjtz Fries

590 Valencia, San Francisco, CA

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I was blown away when I saw this at Frjtz. It's actually quite tasty! The article doesn't mention it's made with Meyer lemon which was coincidentally bred at UC Davis in 1975.

Santiago Rodriguez
Santiago Rodriguez

went there for lunch today and bought the hot sauce. It is amazing and pike-ante. The article did not mention that it is meyer lemon hot sauce.


What a waste of internet space. This article is a waste of internet space


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look at me! i'm wasting internet space!

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