No. 40: Black Jet Baking Co.'s Nutella-Hazelnut Hand Pie

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Jonathan Kauffman
Black Jet Baking Co.'s not-Pop-Tart
SFoodie's countdown of our favorite 50 things to eat and drink, 2012 edition

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Certain foodistas have decried the cupcake boom as the infantilization of American tastes. But the rise of the hand pie -- "Pop Tart" to those of you who don't care about violating trademark law -- doesn't necessarily belong to the same phenomenon. Shrinking the pie into a thin square isn't about making it cute, it's about being able to sit at a cafe, typing away, and occasionally picking up one of Black Jet Baking Co.'s hand pies to gnaw on.

Though, if we're going to tell the truth, SFoodie will admit that eating Black Jet's hand pies is a two-hand affair: Given the way the crust flakes, we need to keep one hand below our lips at all times to catch the spray of debris. 

Seriously, that crust is pretty remarkable, composed of frail flakes of pastry so wide they almost stretch from one edge to the other, as if bakers Gillian Shaw and Max Newman were secretly working with phyllo instead of all-butter pastry. And while the flavor of the filling in the fruit pies doesn't always come through, in the Nutella-hazelnut version both chocolate and salted, ground hazelnuts assert themselves. You taste, simultaneously, the chocolate-hazelnut fusion of Nutella as well as its two component flavors. It's like being able to watch a 3-D film without glasses and see both the doubled-up images and the 3-D composite at the same time. 

Black Jet Baking Co.: Ferry Building, stall 38b, 845-9925, and available at cafes such as Matching Half, Ritual Roasters, and Atlas Cafe.

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Black Jet Baking Co.

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Hey, spreading store bought, pre-made Nutella does not a homemade hand pie make.  Not going to lay down my dubloons for such things.  Now if they made their own hazelnut spread, I would gladly fork over some cash.


Yay! Love these, almost as much as their jalapeno-cream cheese...and the apricot...and don't get me started on the macaroons...sigh.


Like all the rest of their pop-tarts, the nutella hazelnut has way too much pastry and nowhere near enough filling. Well, until the pastry disintegrates in your hands.

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