Market & Rye, Dante's Weird Fish, and Harrow Open, and Cu Co's May Not Shutter After All

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The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

On Monday we shared a preview of Market & Rye, and now Eater SF confirms that Ryan Scott's West Portal restaurant started slinging sandwiches today (68 West Portal at Vicente). The post also reminds us the second Market & Rye is slated to open in Potrero this Summer.

Tablehopper has an update on the Cu Co's possibly pending closure: Supervisor Christina Olague connected the owner with the Mission Economic Development agency, and together they're all working towards negotiating a new lease. If you'll remember, Olague is also on the quest to save the Gold Dust Lounge. Fingers crossed it all works out!

Also, the same post notes that Cow Hollow's Chilayo has shuttered. The reason -- and the potential replacement -- remain unknown.

Weird Fish reopened yesterday with a slightly altered moniker (Dante's Weird Fish) and under new ownership, according to Grub Street. Expect a menu reminiscent of its early years: more focus on vegan items and fish. But don't worry, fried pickles are still a staple.

Also opening yesterday is Harrow (357 Kearny at Pine). Tablehopper discovers the rustic Financial District restaurant is only open for lunch and is sans liquor license, but -- within a couple months -- they plan to add beer and wine to the menu and extend the hours.

A nice way to breakup a morning jog along the Marina green: doughnuts. Tablehopper reports Dynamo Donut and Coffee is opening a kiosk in the old, small, brick structure along the waterfront path. There will be a selection of 7-12 doughnuts, with coffee and espresso drinks from Four Barrel -- providing enough sugar and caffeine to jog home in half the time!

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