Kristen Bell Goes Vegan, Ricky Gervais Loves Bunnies, and Vegan Shamrock Shakes!

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  • Let's start with the most important news of all: Thanks to Forks Over Knives, Kristen Bell is now vegan! Or adopting a "vegan diet." I'm not sure. Regardless, Veronica Mars can do no wrong! If you don't think this is the most important news of all, I feel bad for you and your whole family.
  • Oh guess what, red meat is totally going to make you die early. Harvard says so. Their study found that people who ate one serving of red meat a day had a 13 percent increase in "elevated risk of total mortality" when compared to those who ate very little red meat. What's more, a daily serving of processed red meat moved that number up to 20 percent. The general consensus is "duh." Also, Total Mortality should be a video game; it'll be like Duck Hunt but in a pulmonary artery.
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  • I hear McVom's Shamrock Shake is all the rage this time of year, so of course a vegan version would pop up! The Family Kitchen on Babble has the recipe for the green madness you see above, or check out the many others that have surfaced (I told you! All the rage!).
  • File under Grody to the Max: 70 percent of ground beef at supermarkets contains pink slime. You know the stuff, looks like bubblegum flavored taffy! It's not.
  • Two of California's top vegan chefs, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Chloe Coscarelli, were on KQED's Forum this week! The comments in response are surprisingly lacking in vegan-bashing. Come on, haters! You're getting soft.
  • California's animal shelters are super full of chihuahuas. What to do? Send them to Idaho! A second group of at-risk chihuahuas and chihuahua-mixes has just arrived at the Idaho Humane Society from Porterville. The first group of 60-plus dogs went like hotcakes last month! Due in no small part to their sharp doggie sweaters donated by S.F.'s own SimplyShe.
  • Ricky Gervais made out with a bunny to protest animal testing! Well, no tongue action, just heavy petting:

  • HBO has cancelled its show Luck after a third horse dies. Good riddance, horse-racing jerks! Luck is still under fire from PETA, though, for allegedly racing elderly and drugged horses. Stay classy, HBO!
  • My favorite omnivore, Mark Bittman, tackles "The Human Cost of Animal Suffering" only a few days after publishing a great piece on fake chicken. Man, I love Bittman so much! One day he's going to be totally vegan and we'll fall in love over a bag of Peanut Chews and have babies and call them "Bitties."
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    Oh yeah major brands always give out samples on their products, search online for "Get Official Samples" I just got mine. CC not required.


    You vegans "disgust" and "cringe" easily. 

    Sarah E.
    Sarah E.

    I liked the Bittman piece for its exploration of the chicken industry, but was DISGUSTED that he felt the need to "taste-test" dead chickens to prove a vegan product was good. NOOOOO


    well, he's still an omnivore, so it's no worse than any other regular old omni eating chicken.


    Yeah like when Gordon Ramsay tried shark fin soup--made me cringe! 

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