Christina Applegate Getting Awesomer, Mike Vick Still Seeking Redemption, and Chickens Are Eating Arsenic!

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  • It seems their focus has shifted from responsible medicine to irresponsible advertising. And screw you--I paid for that elbow room, I'm using it all!

  • In more adventures in irresponsible advertising, a ridiculous ad declaring how environmentally friendly fur is was totally shut down in the U.K. for being misleading. I've always said that violently peeling the skin off small animals like it's a wetsuit is totally the gateway drug to lying.
  • Our final stop on the ad beat is a new PSA from Mike Vick and the Humane Society:

    In full disclosure, I'm an Eagles fan; but even if I weren't, if you're going eff up so badly, this is the path you should take toward redemption.
  • I learned something new! People put arsenic in chicken feed. Yes. Then the chicken poo is used as manure. Then the arsenic accumulates in the soil. Then it leaks into the water. Nature: now with more poison!
  • In other drug news, rampant antibiotic use in livestock is being threatened! Nooo! How can we continue to keep neglected, overpopulated animals living in their own feces without loading them with meds?! Plus, I was excited for exotic new superbugs to take over the world.
  • California now has a new resident: Beyonce, possibly the world's tiniest puppy! She was born to a rescue pup saved from euthanasia in the eleventh hour. They say she fit in a spoon when she was born. She's still smaller than a smartphone! And hella cute. And I love her and want to keep her in a fanny pack.
  • For more in cuteness, watch this video of wolves freaking out over the return of their caretaker after a two-month hiatus:

    So sweet but kind of dramatic too, right? She was only gone for two months! I didn't realize wolves were so sensitive. Get a grip.
  • My final gift to you comes from the star of one of the greatest movies ever! Christina Applegate, better known as Sue Ellen from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, has been getting down with some vegan cooking! It seems she's a big fan of The Candle Cafe Cookbook.
    Dishes are done, man!

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Re: arsenic.

Remember, it's the dosage that makes a poison.

UC Berkeley's Biochemistry Department has found that 99.9 percent, by weight, of the pesticides we ingest occurs naturally in the plants we eat. Also, when plants are under stress, they produce more pesticides, sometimes to levels that are toxic to humans. 


I'm not a Michael Vick fan, but an NFL superstar seems a better carrier of the anti-dog-fighting message to young people than, say, some snarky SF blogster. This PSA should have the support of anyone who wants to save dogs from suffering and death in the pit. 


No I agree! That's a typo. Should be updated soon.

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