Chef Battle with an Italian Spin

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Battle of the Chefs

When: March 19, 6:30 p.m.

Where: The San Francisco Italian Athletic Club (1630 Stockton at Union)

Cost: $60

The Rundown: Three chefs will take to the kitchen to chop, stir, and cook their way towards victory. The twist to this chef battle hinges on geographic regions of Italy -- each chef representing the flavors and textures from various parts of the country.

Michele Belotti, the 25-year-old chef who joined the Marina's Ristobar straight from Piemonte, will represent the North. Central Italy's flavors will be put to the test by Alameda's C'Era Una Volta chef Rutilio Duran. And representing the South is Calabria-born Massimo Covello, who recently left Mill Valley's Piazza d'Angelo to pursue a new restaurant venture.

Who wins will be determined by the attendees; each "judge" will taste the chefs' plates, one protein and one vegetable, and the collective vote of the crowd will determine what chef -- and region -- earns bragging rights for the day.

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You might want to get the acronym correct - SFIAC stands for San Fran Italian AMERICAN club. Yes, they do play calcio - if you know what that is - but the A is for American. 


Not sure where you see the improper acronym in the above post -- I assume you're referencing "where" I said the event is being held. The event is being held at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club. Website here:,Mollie

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