Boston Eater Chews His Way Down Mission Street

Man v. Food, the outer Mission edition

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​Dave MP is new to San Francisco but it hasn't taken him much time to note the stretch of Mission between Cortland and Cesar Chavez is sadly underrated, especially in the food department. As Bernalwood points out today, Dave MP has pledged to chomp his way through the strip, investig-eating the overlooked restaurants of the outer Mission just along the border of Bernal Heights. 

For every restaurant he dines at, he will post a review of his meal on Chowhound, the food-lover discussion board. He's asking for locals to advise him where to go, and come along as his dinner companion if they wish. He's dubbing this project the La Lengua Chronicles.

Check out his list of restaurants to dine at and you'll see that Dave MP, as he is refereed to on his Chowhound profile,  is not afraid to try anything-- not even foreign foods from Lebanon, Honduras, and Cambodia. 

This sounds more like the Mission's version of Man v. Food

Along with his fast food stops, including Burger King and Pizza Hut, he has committed to dining at 11 Mexican restaurants, all within the span of his targeted four blocks. Will this Boston native have the stomach for a California burrito? We're sure he'll grow to love our food during the next 10 months, which is his timeline to complete his power-hungry mission.

Dave MP tasted his first Mission bite for La Lengua Chronicles last month at the small Guatemalan restaurant, San Miguel Restaurant. "Overall, a pretty great place, and definitely one I'll be returning to," he wrote in La Lengua Chronicles. After blogging about food for 10 months, hopefully Dave MP will extend his food vocabulary beyond words like "great," "colorful," "bland," and "happy." Either way, we can't criticize him for taking on such a heavy challenge at the risk of gaining weight.

Check out Dave MP's full list of restaurants he plans to visit.
So, here's the list of where I have to go. There are a few places that I'm not sure about including because they are mostly just bars - I think the rule will be that if there's a menu (whether food or cocktail), I will try it. 

I'm really impressed with the diversity of restaurants I have in my neighborhood! It's quite a unique 4-block stretch of the city (let alone any city in the world), so I'm excited. Let me know if you have any advice, keep an eye out for my posts, and wish me luck!Dave MP
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Dave MP
Dave MP

Thanks for the shout out! The tally is up to 6 restaurants now....follow me on Twitter @DaveMpHound or Chowhound (Dave MP) to stay up-to-date on my adventures

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