Behold Ryan Scott's Kitchen Sink Cookie

Tamara Palmer
The Kitchen Sink cookie from Market & Rye and 3-Sum Eats
When Top Chef alum Ryan Scott opened his first restaurant, Market & Rye (68 West Portal), last week, we learned that the salads and sandwiches are balanced out by a wicked sweets counter of confections that are absolutely a reward for eating such a healthy lunch. Luckily, he's seen fit to include the Kitchen Sink cookie made infamous on his 3-Sum Eats food truck.

This large orb is stuffed with Lay's potato chips, pretzels, butterscotch and chocolate chips, coconut, and Four Barrel coffee. It's got crispy and chewy edges, with a middle streak of slightly raw/underbaked that pushes the decadence right over the edge to where the Cook E. Monster likes to live.

Ingredient-wise, it's not unlike the Compost Cookie, a media darling served at Momofuku's Milk Bar sweeteries in New York, though Scott substitutes coconut for oats and achieves a better balance of flavors. He also bakes up a cookie that's almost twice as big, which in our book means he wins.

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Market & Rye

68 W. Portal Ave., San Francisco, CA

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Sounds disgusting. But all of his food is gimmicky. Who is he paying at SF Weekly for s review like this?

Momma Pat
Momma Pat

Omg I had one the first week that he opened Market & Rye.  So Yummy.......

Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown

This cookie is definitely named correctly. Looks likeeverything but the kitchen sink is in that cookie. What a way to maintain abalanceddiet. lol

Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown

This cookie is definately named correctly. Looks like everything but the kitchen sink is in that cookie. What a way to maintain a  balanced diet. lol

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