Vegan Speed Dating, Puppy Bowl, Mini Corn Dogs, and Hemp Tofu!

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​ • You've probably all seen this video of Kristen "I'm a vegetarian because I'm half-rad" Bell sobbing over a sloth on your Facebook feed but now, take the time to watch it! Because it's pretty fucking adorable! She has a panic attack from happiness, which I guess is the best kind of panic attack? it's definitely the most adorable kind -- I want to keep her as a pet! And the sloth, too! Can you imagine a better life? Just you, Kristen Bell, and a sloth hanging out on a jungle gym, drinking juice and doing rolls. Hell yeah. Well, since there are many laws that prevent that from happening, you could always visit the Sloth Orphanage in Costa Rica. YES, I said SLOTH ORPHANAGE.

• San Francisco got its own vegan general store! I knew it would happen, that it could happen. Now, we're just as twee and goofy as Brooklyn or Portland. I plan on shopping there all the time and I'll hate myself every second I'm in doing it. I have no choice! I MUST buy $50 organic fair-trade chia seed açai berry dual-action face mask/dip. I NEED it!

• Looking for Super Bowl snacks, you vegan sports fanatics? Great, now that everyone has stopped reading, check out these mini vegan corn dogs, perfect for game-day snacking. Or, everyday binging -- now I'm talking to my readers, right? Hell yeah.

Bay Area Bites has a recipe for tofu made with hemp! You can put your weed in it! Not really, I just miss that sketch. Anyway, it looks really yummy, if not slightly labor intensive. But as Tyra taught me, if you want to get fat, you better WORK.

• Sexy old Ted Danson goes vegan! Go on, sexy old!

• Meave at Vegansaurus is doing an amazing job covering this year's "it" event, the Puppy Bowl! It's all puppies and kittens and piglets -- it's the shit! Literally, there is often a lot of shit. But also, PUPPIES!

• Ever wanted to humiliate yourself for love? Well then, veg speed dating is for you! If you have the stomach for it, there's a chance that you might find love in the arms of another shameless vegan. Also, there's a 3 percent chance that that person might be the dude who wears a shirt with "Ask Me Why I'm Vegan" written on it with a Sharpie. Love is love, folks -- you can't judge it!

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino.
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