Making Use of Expired Milk : Lacto-Fermentation Classes

Mission community center 18 Reasons gives you a reason to keep that expired milk still sitting in your fridge. A three-part series called "Sour Milk: Lacto-Fermentation from Yogurt to Soda" starts today. Assistant professor at Berkley's Integrative Medicine College, Nishanga Bliss will teach the history, tradition and health benefits of lactobacillus and other bacteria each class.

Bliss' first class begins today where she will briefly lecture on the history and culture of fermentation and demonstrate crème fraiche, mascarpone, and cultured butter. Those attending will learn how to make crème fraiche or mascarpone using cream, and they'll get to  enjoy their creations with mixed berries or baguettes.

The class on Feb. 27 will cover Yogurt, Cheese and Soda. Bliss will lecture briefly on the health benefits of bacteria for the final March 12 class. To close out the series there will be a fermented food potluck buffet.

18 Reasons serves as a non-profit "community food space to learn, think and do" near Dolores Park and is a member of the Bi-Rite family: Bi-Rite Market and Bi-Rite Creamery.

Buy tickets here.

What: "Sour Milk" Lacto-fermentation classes

Where: 18 Reasons

When: Monday Feb. 13, 7 p.m.

Cost: $55/ $65 per class. $150/$180 for series.

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