San Francisco's Top 10 Brunches

A Dutch pancake with bacon and maple syrup at Outerlands

Brunch is a way of life in San Francisco. Out-of-towners marvel that
we'll wait an hour-and-a-half for a stack of pancakes, and the morning
cocktail scene is lively -- even if the drinks are made with soju
instead of vodka. On Saturday night we may share bottles of Zinfandel
and exotic preparations of Brussels sprouts, but come Sunday morning,
it's all back to the roots of eating for pleasure. Runny, cheesy eggs.
Thick bacon. Crispy hash browns. Warm, creamy grits. The staples we love
and crave, but elevated to a whole new level.

This city is home to many flavors of brunch spots, from chichi raw
bar restaurants to good old-fashioned American breakfast diners. We have
brunches based in almost every cuisine at almost every price level in
almost every neighborhood. It's tough to narrow down a meal so close to
our hearts and bellies, but SF Weekly has given it our best shot,
rounding up our favorite places to gather on foggy weekend mornings with
friends. Here are our 10 favorite current spots for brunch:

Eggs Barrio at Boogaloos

10. Boogaloos
3296 22nd St. (at Valencia)

You won't find any crispy pork belly or garlic confit at Boogaloos, but customers love that about the Mission breakfast staple. And the menu is far more interesting than that of your average pancake house, stocked with chorizo and andouille, plenty of vegetarian options and a full "kitchen cupboard" of ingredients to fill your custom scramble or omelet. Grease is abundant and portions are huge, but it's all really tasty and unexpected. Fun, casual and kitsch, Boogaloos is a place you'll want to come back to.

Serpentine's Red Flannel Hash, with braised brisket, beets, poached eggs and a horseradish creme fraiche

9. Serpentine
2495 3rd St. (at 22nd)

Slightly off the beaten path in up-and-coming Dogpatch, Serpentine provides a welcome break from the hectic San Francisco brunch scene (read: no long lines or
snobby waitstaff). Dishes are fresh and seasonal, of course, but they're also creative without making a big deal about it. Unlikely
combinations of braised brisket, roasted beets and poached eggs are well balanced, served in generous portions for a reasonable price.

A perfect Croque Monsieur at The Butler and the Chef

8. The Butler & the Chef
155 South Park St. (at 3rd)

A so-called "French" cafe can feel contrived, but The Butler & the Chef is the real deal. The menu features dishes you'd see on any street
corner in Paris -- not just a ham and cheese crepe or Nicoise salad, but a duck rillette, too. Here you'll find what's truly the most rich and decadent Croque Monsieur in San Francisco, perfectly crisp on the outside and meltingly creamy on the inside. It's a revelation, and cause for a nap.

Sweet Maple's Marnier French Toast with Millionaire's Bacon

7. Sweet Maple
2101 Sutter St. (at Steiner)

Sweet Maple has attracted its crowds by taking good old-fashioned American breakfast fare to the next level. The huge menu is full of standard staples, from Benedicts and two-egg breakfasts to morning sandwiches and French toast -- there's nothing "nouveau" about it. What is remarkable, though, is the food itself. Locally sourced, organic and abundant with fresh ingredients, it's unpretentious, reasonably priced breakfast chain food done extremely well. Don't skip
the Millionaire's Bacon, but be warned it could ruin bacon for you forever.

Outerlands' poached eggs with braised greens and creamy grits

6. Outerlands
4001 Judah St. (at 45th Ave.)

The Sunset doesn't see a lot of love in the culinary world, but Outerlands gives us a reason to make the trek. A few reasons, in fact: a rustic, calming space; the smell of fresh-baked levain; and a short menu of simple, delightful brunch dishes. In each, a few ingredients shine, unadorned with frills, like poached eggs and braised chard served on a bed of creamy grits. If your Sunday is empty and your mood is patient, Outerlands is a cozy retreat.

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Murali Veeraiyan
Murali Veeraiyan

French Toast at "The Butler & The Chef" is something to die for!

Stefani Feist
Stefani Feist

it's from last year. there are some great new ones now to check out.

Cathy Segurson
Cathy Segurson

Interesting list.. but only a few would make my top 10 and some on that list are on my "never return" list- because food and service were lacking. And some like Outerlands only serve brunch one day a week, the other 6 days it serves lunch. However getting mentioned in 7X7 does keep places like Bugaloos (or is that Boogaloos) packed.. even after being closed briefly by the health department because of a cockroach or rat infestation.

Tom JustTom
Tom JustTom

My favorite is The Sycamore, on Mission between 17th and 18th. Bottomless mimosas from 10am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday

Anand Singh
Anand Singh

I second potrero hills..this spot easily boasts an hour+ wait but totally worth it. Def. sit countertop if yall can, its where the magic happens! Creamy french toast, poached egg heaven, and boundless freshness.

Hamptons restaurants
Hamptons restaurants

I've been to two of these restaurants and I keep on coming back because they offer the best brunch. I like their fruit shakes too.


I'm impressed with the selection, many I wholeheartedly agree with which means the others I must try, thanks!

Others of note:- Elite Cafe's brunch is unreal, the benedict is seriously from another planet it's so good- Nob Hill Grille's sliders are perfection in the morning (won an SF Weekly award too)- Stacks always pleases, everything fresh and delicious- Just for You for the best attempt at beignets outside the quarter- Art's Cafe for the Samurai omelet, best hangover cure I've found


Leave it to SF Weekly to make you wait more than 90 minutes (Serpentine, Brenda's) for eggs and bacon.


 Hipsterville choices here


Serpentine takes reservations. Brenda's is worth it. If SF Weekly told you to jump off a bridge, would you?

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