Ritual Coffee Releases Branded Gram Scales

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​High-end, "third wave" coffee is currently coasting on a trend of precise measurements and the consistency that such precision affords. 

Scales, thermometers, grinders, refractometers -- the coffee world keeps developing and refining the devices needed to "perfect" the roasting, grinding, and brewing of coffee to a flavorful tee. Home brewers, though saturated with home brewing devices from companies like Hario, Aeropress, and Clever haven't had easy access to inexpensive, accurate measuring devices. Eileen Hassi and Ritual Coffee hope to fill that void with the introduction of their Ritual-branded Gram Scale.

The pocket scale is Ritual's way of evening out the playing field between the home brewer and the professional roaster-retailer. "A good, affordable gram scale was the final item for people to be able to brew coffee at home exactly as we do at our coffee bars," Hassi said. 

Compact in size (the little device is a mere 2 by 3 inches), inexpensive (20 dollars) and light in weight, the scale allows for the average consumer to measure coffee exactly, further advancing the ability to brew stellar coffee in the correct way. Hassi says, "They're compact, relatively durable, portable and affordable" making them ideal for the cash-strapped customer with a yen for good coffee made right and at home. 

The scale, lightly etched with Ritual's coffee cup and star logo, is the company's first foray in to the device market. When asked if Ritual had plans to release any other coffee devices bearing their name, Hassi told us, "Nothing on the radar yet. Although I wouldn't mind having an insulated travel mug that isn't ceramic ..." 

Though Ritual isn't the first to release their own "improved" version of a standard piece of coffee equipment (think Blue Bottle's reconnoitered ceramic pour over dripper) the gram scale spotlights the move towards introducing affordable, reliable equipment for at-home use. Which for anyone looking for a cheaper, equally delicious means of making coffee is the best of news. 

The scales can be found at Ritual locations as well as on their website.

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