Oakland Candymaker Double Dutch Sweets Out-Satisfies Snickers

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Double Dutch Sweets
The Ramona Bar nails the proportions that Snickers should have.
​Buoyed by the lessons learned in a free class on starting a business at San Francisco's Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and a loan from Youth Business America, Shiyuan Deng started
Double Dutch Sweets in Oakland last summer. A mini-Mars mogul in the making, Deng has created the Ramona Bar, a superior version of that company's popular Snickers.

Instead of crappy, questionable chocolate, Deng's Ramona -- a healthier tribute to Snickers -- uses lush Venezuelan chocolate that's dark enough to touch upon savory territory. Her nougat is fluffy and made with honey, with a bit of sea salt is sprinkled on top. More than anything, she nails the proportions that Snickers should have, with lots of nougat and well-scattered chunks of peanut.

At $6 for a tiny 1.8 ounce bar, the Ramona can only be the super frequent habit of the monied. But if the price point was lower, we'd have a serious problem on our hands, so perhaps this is a public service.

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