Kitchen Table Talks : Organic Dairy Farmers

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How serious are you about your milk?
What: Kitchen Table Talks. A discussion about the organic dairy industry.

Where: 18 Reasons

When: Tuesday, Feb. 21. Refreshments at 6:30, discussion from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Cost: $10

The rundown: Inspired by the occupy movements, Civil Eats, the food politics organization and 18 Reasons are joining forces to present a discussion about corporate and governmental constraints resulting in a declining number of organic farmers.

"Kitchen Table Talks : Dairy Farmers Squeezed to Utter Extremes" will include a panel of organic dairy farm owners, managers and a professor UC Davis department of agricultural economics. They will raise questions about governmental policies and the corporate pricing of organic products.

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grow tents
grow tents

'Kitchen Table Talks' is such a very good platform when we can discuss about organic dairy farms and products. These are wonderful sources you have shared which can be helped us a lot.

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