Greg Mindel Provides Croissants to San Francisco with Neighbor

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Eric Wolfinger
Neighbor's croissant.
Some San Franciscans argue that the butter croissants from Sandbox Bakery, Patisserie Philippe, or Starter are the city's best. Others will tell you the city lacks a proper croissant.  Greg Mindel, a baker who has worked at Spruce and, more recently, William Werner's defunct Tell Tale Preserve Co., is entering the fight, channeling his considerable talents in to a new, croissant-based venture.

Mindel's new bakery, Neighbor, is currently selling wholesale croissants and other pastries to local coffee shops. "There aren't many great croissants in San Francisco," Mindel told SF Weekly via email, "so I thought I could provide some. Croissants are the world between bread and pastry."

Mindel's decision to start Neighbor derived from his desire to open a brick-and-mortar pastry shop but a lack of startup funds. The idea for the name "Neighbor" derives from Mindel always being "the neighbor who bakes and then drops it off with his friends. Neighbor is something I thought of because food for me is about community, celebration, and sharing." Mindel continues, "Eventually, I really want to be that bakery in a neighborhood making great food, allowing the food and the craft speak for itself."

As of now Mindel is baking in a commercial kitchen in the Dogpatch, and plans to organize pop-ups showcasing his current selections as well as some new items, about which he's still being secretive. His lineup ranges from traditional croissants to pistachio-and-blackberry-jam croissants and mushroom-Manchego tarts.

Those curious about Neighbor's croissant offerings can now find them at Sightglass, Four Barrel, and Cafe Sophie. "My goal," Mindel says, "is to sail this ship into open waters and see where it takes me."

For more information about Neighbor and its pastries, contact Mindel at

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Looking forward to tasting the Neighbor croissant, but currently, the best croissant in SF is from Panorama Bakery, another wholesaler. You can get their croissants at Cheese Plus, among other stores/restaurants. Why isn't Boulangerie/Bay Bread mentioned? I really enjoy Tartine's gigantic croissant, but it's not an authentic croissant, probably.

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